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Improve Your Financial Wellness with Health Insurance

Erin Palmer

January 22, 2024

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Money and health are very connected. Financial stress can cause problems with physical health and health issues can cost a lot of money, especially without health insurance.

Here’s why having health insurance can have a positive impact on your financial wellness:

Medical Costs are Increasing

Healthcare costs have steadily increased in the United States in recent years. Even basic medical care like regular check-ups and bloodwork can really stack up costs for a family if there is no health insurance.

These costs can become even higher if there is a need for a major medical procedure or ongoing medication. Health insurance can help make these ongoing costs less prohibitive.

Protection When You Need it Most

No one can control if and when a health problem may occur. But having no insurance can turn a minor medical situation into a major financial one.

Even worse, when people have no insurance or are underinsured, they are often more likely to ignore potential medical problems in fear of the inevitable bills. Not getting medical attention when it is needed can make health problems worse, so it is not an ideal situation.

Having a health insurance policy means having some peace of mind, because you have built in protection on your side.

Find Health Insurance that Meets Your Budget

One of the common reasons people don’t enroll in a health insurance program is concern about fitting that cost into a budget. Thankfully, there are health insurance policies for all different price ranges.

Finding a health insurance program that works for your budget can help you save money on your health needs. Depending on your age, Medicare programs might also be an option.

The most important investment you can make is in your health and the health of your family.

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