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Quiz: Can You Answer These Basic Financial Literacy Questions?

Erin Palmer

April 09, 2018


Money is a major part of our lives. It influences our major decisions, from what job to choose to where to live. We use it each day to pay bills and buy necessities. But how much do we understand basic financial literacy concepts?

The 2017 Consumer Financial Literacy Survey by the National Foundation for Credit Counseling shows that Americans struggle with topics like saving for retirement, repaying student loans and credit card debt.

Financial literacy is a way to strengthen your knowledge and improve your financial well-being. This fun quiz can help you test your knowledge and see where there’s room to grow.

Let’s get started! Scroll through the questions and answers below.

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So, how did you do? If you missed more questions than you wanted to, don't worry! We can help you boost your financial literacy knowledge for free with our online mPower money management courses.

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