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Suncoast Credit Union puts the power of your finances in your pocket with the SunMobile app. This free and secure app lets you manage your accounts easily from your smartphone or tablet. Need to deposit a check? No problem! SunMobile allows for quick and easy mobile deposits. Paying bills or sending money to friends and family is a breeze – all within the app. SunMobile provides a convenient way to manage them on the go.


Digital Banking at Suncoast

Digital banking lets you manage your finances quickly and securely using your smartphone or tablet. A Suncoast member can access their credit or debit card statements, grow their savings account, and make instant loan payments with our handy SunMobile app. 


Pay Bills and Transfer Funds with Ease 

Our credit union digital banking options make it a breeze to pay bills and transfer funds to and from any financial institution on a mobile device. Our members also receive payment alerts to make money management easy. If you're a current Suncoast credit union member, you can open a checking or savings account with our digital banking app within minutes. All you need to do is log in to your accounts page, select "Open New Account," and follow the prompts.

Deposit Checks in an Instant with Your Mobile Device 

Deposit checks* with your Apple iOS or Android device in the SunMobile app. It couldn't be easier. Select "Deposit Funds," enter the amount you want to deposit, and take a photo of the front and back of the check using your mobile device.

What is the Daily Deposit Limit?**

We have a daily deposit limit of up to $2,500 for personal accounts. If you have a business account, you will have a daily deposit limit of $25,000. Of course, limits can change and are subject to review. Also, you must meet eligibility requirements to access mobile deposits in SunMobile.


Send Money to Any Bank with Pay a Person 

Pay a Person is our free credit union digital banking service that lets members send money to any recipient, no matter where they bank. You just need their mobile phone number or email address to transfer funds to their account any time.

Easily Manage Your Digital Banking Contact Information

Our digital banking app makes it easier than ever to maintain your contact information, eStatements, address, eNotices, and tax documents. It will provide peace of mind that you control your finances, accounts, and investments daily.

See Your Balances with the Click of a Button 

Easy access to your account balances can decrease stress, increase safety, and make it easier to achieve your personal and financial goals. When you turn to us for digital banking, you can access account balances, reorder checks, and instantly view up to 90 days of history.  With this information, you'll have a firm understanding of the funds entering and leaving your account, such as a vehicle loan or mortgage payment. Digital banking is a stress-free way to manage money and improve financial security.

Already a Suncoast Credit Union Member? Get Started with Digital Banking

If you're already a Suncoast Credit Union member, all you need is your member number or social security number to open an account or enroll in mobile banking.
Set Up Mobile Banking

When you’re ready to bank, you can log in any time. 

Enjoy the convenience of banking from anywhere, at any time, with our free digital banking options. And getting started is easier than ever. You can enroll online or through our SunMobile app.


Once you’re a Suncoast Credit Union member, all you’ll need to get started is either your member number or social security number. Then follow the prompts to complete your enrollment in digital banking. It’s that simple. 

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