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Meet Spencer the Influencer!

Erin Palmer

November 07, 2023

Spencer the Suncoast Influencer smiling in front of a colorful backdrop

Get ready to have some fun with our new spokesperson, Spencer the Influencer! Spencer is a lot of things… literally! He is our favorite fictional influencer, representing all of the influential people in our lives, from athletes and teachers to pop stars and detectives.

Here are some fun facts about Spencer the Influencer

Spencer dancing

He’s a great dancer. 

Spencer scared

He’s terrified of otters.

(It’s called lutraphobia and it’s totally real.)
Spencer cooking

His mom’s cooking > all other cooking  

Spencer smiling

He has excellent hair.

Spencer pointing

He LOVES Suncoast Credit Union!  

You’ll see Spencer on TV, billboards, online, and more. He might even pop over for your next family meal! Get to know Spencer better by checking out his YouTube videos. Don’t forget to like and subscribe!

Meet Spencer the Influencer!

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