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5 Reasons College Students Should Choose a Credit Union

Brianna Minuse

September 19, 2023

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The average college student is typically known for three things: studying, partying, and financial mismanagement. But who can blame them? From exorbitant tuition fees to textbooks and daily expenses, a student’s need for a reliable banking partner is undeniable. And while there are many options available, credit unions stand out as an excellent choice. As colleges across Florida usher in the new school year, let’s take a look at five compelling reasons why college students should consider banking with credit unions (like Suncoast)!

1. Lower fees and higher savings

One of the most significant advantages of banking with a credit union is not having to worry about being nickel-and-dimed on fees. Unlike big banks, credit unions are not-for-profit organizations, meaning members benefit from profits in the form of reduced fees, better rates on loans, and higher savings yields! This can be a game-changer for college students on a tight budget, and can even help grow their money faster.

2. Personalized service

Credit unions are known to have a personalized approach to banking; when you walk into a branch or reach out online or over the phone, you can expect to be treated as a valued member rather than just another customer. If you’re a college student with questions about financial management or need help with loans or credit cards, your credit union will work with you one-on-one to solve any issues with solutions tailored to your needs.

3. Access to a large ATM network

Suncoast, like many other credit unions, provides access to a vast network of surcharge-free co-op ATMs. That means that, as a college student, you can conveniently access your funds and make transactions across the state of Florida, making it easier to manage your finances no matter where you’re attending school.

4. Community involvement

Credit unions often have a strong presence in the communities they serve and are dedicated to giving back. By banking with a credit union like Suncoast, you’ll be part of an institution that reinvests in your community through financial literacy programs, scholarships, and community initiatives. In particular, Suncoast’s Pennies Add Up program is an effortless way for members to enact positive change.

5. Access to financial education and resources

Valuable financial resources and educational materials are essential in helping college students make informed financial decisions. Credit unions, including Suncoast, offer plenty of budgeting tools, workshops on credit management, and much more that can empower students to build strong financial habits that will serve them during and after college. See for yourself: browse Suncoast’s workshops & webinars, plus our financial eLearning program, which are always free to members.

College is a time of growth, learning, and, inevitably, financial challenges. By choosing to bank with a credit union like Suncoast, you become part of a financial institution that is not only invested in your financial health, but also the financial health of your community. You’ll get more frees, less fees, and a banking experience tailored to fit your unique financial needs. Simplify your finances and become a member today!

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