Every Hit is a Win with Suncoast

Rooting for the Rays is also a home run for helping the community. Every time the Rays get a hit, Suncoast donates $90. Vote on who wins big this month!

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Suncoast Donates $90 for Every Rays Hit

Every time a Tampa Bay Rays player gets a base hit during a game, Suncoast donates $90 in honor of our 90th anniversary! Let's keep those bats hot!



Rays Hits Tracker for July

Support Local Nonprofits Every Month! 

We collect all hits (donations) throughout the game, and each month we hit a grand slam by donating up to $10,000 to local non-profits!

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Suncoast Donation Tracker for July

Meet the Nonprofits We’re Donating to in July

Batter up! Get ready to vote for the nonprofit of your choice. Learn more about the organizations we’re donating to this month below, then head to our Facebook page to vote when you’re ready! Remember, the vote percentage each organization receives will determine what percent of the donation total they get. Everyone wins!


Guadalupe Center

For the past 40 years, Guadalupe Center has worked to prove endless opportunities through education for children of Immokalee.

Their three core programs serve over 1,900 students with an emphasis on hitting major educational milestones: entering kindergarten ready to learn, being on grade level for reading by third grade, and graduating high school and college. As students achieve these benchmarks, the trajectory for their lives becomes infinitely more positive.
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Celebrate Birthdays

“A typical birthday was one of the saddest times in foster care. At times, someone would say ‘Happy Birthday, Josh,’ but usually, the day was silent. I would feel worthless, like no one valued my life.”  – Josh- Foster club member, Oregon.

This is the sad and stark reality for many of the children Celebrate Birthdays serves, and their aim is to change that. Celebrate Birthdays is a 501(c)(3) Charity Non-Profit whose mission is to ensure that every foster child, child with a terminal illness, and child in need has the opportunity to celebrate their birthday and receive a present, because every child deserves to celebrate their special day!
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