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How Pre-approval Can Make Car Shopping Easier

Erin Palmer

May 10, 2017

How Pre-approval can make car shopping easier

Nothing is quite like the smell of a new car! Though most people love the feeling of driving away in a new vehicle, the shopping process can be a bit overwhelming at times.

You’re excited and ready to buy, so why not make the car shopping experience as simple and easy as possible? A preapproved car loan can make it easier to shop for your vehicle and even help with the price negotiation.

What is a Pre-Approved Vehicle Loan?

You know that part of car shopping where you’re waiting to find out what sort of loan you can get, which financial institution it comes from and what the interest rate will be? Well, a pre-approved vehicle loan lets you do that part before you even go to the car dealership.

Pre-approved loans let you walk into the car dealership with a check in hand, so you already know exactly what you have to spend. Keep in mind that pre-approved loans can let you shop for a car online.

Find a Great Interest Rate with a Financial Institution You Trust

Pre-approval lets you control which financial institution has the right loan for you. This means you can find lower interest rates with a lender that you trust. Once you find the right loan, it’s much easier to create a realistic budget for your vehicle purchase.

Create a Practical Budget Based on Your Loan Amount

When you’re pre-approved for a car loan, you’ll know the exact amount that you have to spend. This means you can take your time to figure out your budget without the added pressure of a car salesman.

After getting your preapproved loan, use a car loan calculator to help calculate your monthly payments and down payment. Then you can begin car shopping equipped with all the information you need.

Make Car Shopping Simple Pre-Approved Vehicle Loans

When you go car shopping with a pre-approved loan, it can really improve your car shopping experience and help you make informed decisions.

For starters, a pre-approved loan will cut down on the amount of time you spend in the dealership. Instead of taking the time to find a lender and get the related paperwork and applications done, you will be able to focus your attention on finding the right car for you.

Since you’ll already have a budget in place, you can be smart about the best vehicle for your specific needs. You also won’t have to waste time checking out vehicles that aren’t in your price range. Once you find that car, truck or SUV of your dreams, you can cut straight to negotiation.

Negotiate the Best Price

Pre-approved car loans let you shop like a cash buyer and negotiate like a pro. Typically when you go car shopping, salespeople try to focus on what your monthly car payments will be. Some dealerships will use this to their advantage, getting you the monthly payments you need while inflating other areas that could increase the vehicle’s price.

With a pre-approved car loan, you and the salesperson don’t have to go back and forth about the monthly payment. You can keep your negotiation focused on just the price of the car, which may help you get a better price.

Before you begin car shopping, make your life easier with a pre-approved loan!

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