Business Commercial Equipment Loans

When you need funds for business equipment, we have you covered. Our favorable payment terms and expert service can be a better alternative than offerings you may get from a manufacturer — it’s more competitive and has a quicker turnaround time. Plus, none of our vehicle or equipment loans have prepayment penalties.


What Are The Benefits Of Commercial Equipment Loans?

Gaining any competitive edge in business is crucial, and sometimes means finding and upgrading equipment for maintaining your business, growing it, and, of course, keeping up with its core services.

For many business owners, this can be a challenge due to finances — or lack of finances. Getting a commercial equipment loan can help you get what you need and stay ahead of your competition.


Flexible Finance Options

One of the biggest advantages of choosing a loan to finance equipment is how flexible it can be, especially with a credit union like Suncoast! Whether you've got your eye on new or used equipment, we can tailor these loans to suit your unique needs. Lenders like us understand your business has its own requirements, so we provide many different loan options so you can make the best decision for your business finances.


Affordable Payments

All businesses, but small businesses, in particular, need monthly payments that fit their budget. We can help with that.

We’ll create a personalized plan to structure your equipment loan payments so your company gets the equipment it needs without disrupting your financial stability. If you run a business with a fluctuating cash flow, this is even more important, and could mean the difference between growth and stagnation (or worse!).


Credit Score Consideration

Concerns about a minimum credit score can be off-putting if your business is seeking funds, but with a Suncoast equipment loan, you have options if your credit is less-than-perfect. Our lenders assess not only the creditworthiness of borrowers but also the potential of the equipment being financed, so we can make it more accessible for a wider range of businesses – even those struggling with credit.


Competitive Rates

Interest rates can be tricky, but they’re one of the most important things to research before you sign off on a loan. What seems like a great loan option could end up unaffordable with high monthly payments, which can discourage business owners from getting the equipment they need to drive their business to success.

Luckily, we’re not here to make a profit. As a credit union dedicated to our members, we can afford to offer you competitive interest rates on equipment loans.

Securing a reasonable interest rate makes these loans much more affordable for equipment financing, and that can be what takes your business to the next level.


Tax Benefits

Financing equipment rather than buying it outright can also give your business some great tax advantages. You might be able to deduct the interest paid on commercial vehicles and other equipment loans, which will help you save money. You can reinvest that money back into your business to continue growing it.


Quick Credit Approval

Online banking and digital processes have made the credit approval process for an equipment loan much quicker, and that's no different at Suncoast. We enable businesses to get the funds they need as soon as possible. Our team is here to help you act fast to secure a good deal or buy the necessary equipment that will help you move your business forward.


Transparent Loan Terms

Clear and transparent loan terms are vital for any borrower, including small business owners. Knowing the terms upfront helps your business plan its finances better. Whether it's the loan amount, interest rates, or any potential origination fee, Suncoast gives you full transparency so you can make informed decisions that meet your business plan.


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No matter what equipment loan type you need, Suncoast has something for your unique business needs. We can offer investment advice, determine long-term finance options with you, help you with our loan calculator, and much more. Get in touch today to find an equipment loan that works for your business, not against it.