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8 Must-Know ATM Safety Tips (Infographic)

Erin Palmer

March 05, 2018

ATM Safety Tips

ATM safety is important. Whether you’re walking up to an ATM or using the drive-thru, you should remain alert and use best practices to stay safe.

From basic safety tips to watching out for skimming devices, this infographic can help you learn how to keep yourself and your family safe every time you use an ATM.

1.	Stay aware of your surroundings, especially at night 2.	Don’t use an ATM if you observe any suspicious persons or circumstances 3.	Have your ATM card ready in your hand as you approach the ATM  4.	Use your other hand or body to shield the keyboard so no one can see you enter your PIN 5.	Always take your receipts with you to keep your account information confidential 6.	Put your money away immediately; do not count or display any money you received from the ATM until you are somewhere private 7.	If you’re using a drive-up ATM, roll up all passenger windows and lock all doors  8.	If you leave your car and walk to the ATM, park somewhere close and lock your car behind you

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