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6 Reasons to Love Florida

Erin Palmer

May 10, 2017

Reasons to love Florida

When you live in a place where the rest of the world goes to vacation, you know you’re doing something right! Life in Florida is so good for so many reasons.

Let’s dive right in, shall we?

1. Beautiful Weather All Year Long

Kayaking in Florida
Florida is especially beautiful from the water.

Floridians don’t need to shovel our driveways in the winter or bundle up in parkas and thermal underwear. We are lucky enough to have beautiful weather throughout the entire year.

No matter what month it is, you can squeeze in a beach day or a few rounds of golf. Even Florida’s coldest days are pretty mild compared with rest of the country and they often don’t last too long. No wonder we’re called the Sunshine State!

2. Experience a Variety of Stunning Scenery and Local Cultures

Florida is a large state with a variety of gorgeous landscapes and so many cultures to experience. Each new place has its own unique look and local traditions.

A drive across the state offers more natural beauty than you can imagine, from natural springs to the Everglades to a ton of beaches. You can choose a new city to explore each weekend!

Floridians know how to have fun, which is why there are so many community events to choose from throughout the year. No matter what you’re interested in, we’re sure to celebrate it here!

3. Explore Our Theme Parks 

Theme parks make children’s eyes light up in wonder and bring out the inner child in adults. So it’s no surprise that Florida’s theme parks have something for everyone to enjoy.

Disney World, Universal Studios, Busch Gardens, LEGOLAND… the list goes on! Find your favorite and make some lasting memories.

4. Cheer on Our Sports Teams 

Florida is full of amazing sports teams, from professional leagues and colleges to local clubs and minor leagues. No matter what your favorite sport is, we have someone for you to root for!

Not only are we home to some of the best professional and college athletes, but our Florida teams also do a ton for their local communities. For example, the Tampa Bay Rays baseball team has a Reading with the Rays program that keeps local students reading all summer and rewards them with free tickets to a game!

5. Our Food is Amazing

Key lime pie
Key lime pie is said to have been created in the Florida Keys. Yum!

Florida is home to so many amazing restaurants that you could try a new one for each meal and you still wouldn’t come close to experiencing them all! From fine dining to casual local bites, Florida is heaven for foodies.

We even have some of our own local dishes, like Key lime pie and Cuban sandwiches. A lot of people think of Miami when it comes to Cuban sandwiches, but this tasty staple actually originated in the Ybor City area of Tampa!

Since our state is surrounded by water on three sides, we have amazing local seafood all year long, like Florida stone crab. And of course we have the very best orange juice, from fruit grown right here in our state!

6. Floridians Save Money

Of course we have to mention the savings! We may know how to have a good time in Florida, but we also know the importance of saving money. Florida is one of the few states in the U.S. that does not have a state income tax.

Plus with so many beautiful places to visit and free events to check out, it’s easy to entertain yourself without breaking the bank.

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