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5 Things that are Uniquely Florida

Erin Palmer

June 10, 2019

Things that are uniquely Florida

Florida is a special state to say the least. While there are many reasons to love the Sunshine State, there are certain things that make us stand out. Florida is a little bit eccentric, a lot of fun and full of interesting things to see and do. And of course, it’s an excellent state for saving money.

So the next time one of your out-of-state cousins forwards you another kooky Florida story, you can send this blog post in response to remind them what makes our state so unique.

We Get Visitors All Year Long

Florida is one of the most popular states to visit all throughout the year because there are so many fun things to do. Our weather attracts tourists no matter what season it is. Everyone is welcome here!

Visitors are more than just friendly faces. Tourists are also helpful to the local economy. Thanks to the state’s popularity, there are a ton of job options for Floridians to choose from.

No Personal Income Tax Here

Savvy savers know that Florida is one of the few states that doesn’t have a personal income tax. That is a major plus when it comes to long-term savings.

Another benefit to being free of personal income tax is that Florida attracts businesses and a talented workforce. All of that allows our state to continue to grow and flourish over time.

It’s a Retiree’s Paradise

Retiree’s Paradise

No personal income tax in Florida also is one of the reasons why retirees love Florida so much. We have one of the most popular states for retirement thanks to the low cost of living, beautiful weather and amazing local communities.

Another thing that retirees love is how family-friendly our state is. It’s the perfect place for grandkids to visit!

Our Parades are on the Water

Have you ever been to a boat parade? Florida hosts many of them! Boat parades have all of the charm of a typical parade with the extra fun of being out on the water.

There are boat parades with lights during the holidays, pirate invasion boat parades during Gasparilla in Tampa and all sorts of other options across the state.

Keep an eye out for boat parades and other cool community events that make Florida so much fun.

We Have Golf Courses Galore

Golf Courses

Since the weather is so beautiful here, we have the luxury of enjoying the outdoors all year long. That’s why Florida has more golf courses than other state. Some of the most popular courses in the country are located right here!

If golf isn’t your sport of choice, there are plenty of other options, from swimming to hiking. Florida is amazing, so head outside and enjoy it!

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