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Sweet, Special and Affordable Mother’s Day Ideas

Erin Palmer

May 01, 2018

A mother, grandmother and granddaughter celebrate mother's day

What do you get for the woman who gives everything she has day after day? Moms are a source of endless support and tremendous love. So of course, we want to make Mother’s Day as special as it can be.

Remember, the best Mother’s Day gifts and celebrations come from the heart, not the wallet. You don’t have to spend a lot of money to show your mom how much you appreciate her.

Here are some ideas that are as thoughtful as they are affordable:

Bring Mom to a Local Event

Quality time is one of the best gifts a mom can get. Look for fun community events that your mom might enjoy and make a day out of it.

Local events can be especially fun because there are options for any interest. There are animal-friendly events for pet lovers, food festivals for foodies and all sorts of wonderful options to choose from. Even better, these events are often affordable and sometimes free to attend!

Plan Your Own Event for Mom

If you really want to create a memorable Mother’s Day, you can create an event of your own to celebrate your mom. Brainstorm ideas around the things that she loves, then get to planning!

For example, if your mom loves sports, you could organize a family kickball tournament or field day event. If she loves to be pampered, you can set up a relaxing day with breakfast in bed and some at-home spa gifts like facial masks and bubble bath.

Whatever event you organize, don’t forget to take photos to commemorate your mom’s special day.

Give the Gift of Special Memories

A mother and her children browse through a photo album.

One of the most moving gifts you can give is anything that shows your mom the amazing impact she has on your life and the lives of others.

You can also find affordable, personalized memory books online or in bookstores. They have writing prompts full of things like favorite childhood memories, qualities that you most admire and other thought-provoking questions to show your mom how much she means to you.

If you really want a gift that wows, you can make a video for your mom that brings these memories to life. You could also interview other family members and friends so they can share their stories about what makes your mom such a wonderful person. All you need is a smartphone and an editing app!

Try a Creative Spin on Photo Gifts

Photo gifts are always a sweet and affordable option. You can make these gifts even more special with a little creativity.

For example, gather your siblings together and recreate a photo from childhood for your mom. Then frame the photos side by side. She’ll get a giggle over seeing her older children recreate a memory.

If you’re able to plan ahead, you could take photos especially for mom throughout the year and then make an album for Mother’s Day. Make a little “Hi, Mom” sign and hold it up for photos when you travel, achieve something special or other life moments.

Or you can keep it simple and order a creative photo gift, like a puzzle or playing cards. It won’t cost much and you can enjoy the gift together as a family!

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