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Essential Tips for a Safe Vacation

Erin Palmer

May 14, 2018

A backpacking traveler looks up from their phone

Everyone deserves a relaxing escape once in a while. So to fully enjoy your vacation, make sure that you’re set up for a safe and stress-free experience

Following a few easy safety tips will help you stay protected while you’re away so you can focus on making some memories!

Set Up a Travel Alert Before You Leave

As you travel, you’ll probably use your credit and debit cards a lot. Prevent your cards from being temporarily blocked by setting up travel notifications with your financial institutions at least 3 days before you leave.

Unexpected card use outside of your normal area may cause your card to be temporarily blocked. This is a method of fraud prevention that financial institutions use for your protection.

To avoid the inconvenience of a blocked card while traveling, all you have to do is notify your financial institution where you will be and when. Travel alerts are easy to set, so don’t forget to notify your financial institution before you go on a trip!

Setting a travel notification in the app. How Suncoast Members Can Set Travel Notifications
Use the SunMobile app or SunNet Online Banking to easily submit travel notifications. You can also call 800.999.5887 or speak with a Member Advocate at your nearest branch.

Be Careful About What You Post on Social Media

As you snap photos of all your vacation fun, you may want to share them with your friends and family on social media in real-time. However, it is much safer to wait until you’re back to share your photos.

When you post photos while you are away, your entire social network knows that you’re not at home. This can make your home more vulnerable to theft.

If you post photos right away, you also run the risk of broadcasting your location to your social network. If you use geotagging, the social network could tag your location even if you don’t mention it specifically.

Your best bet is to wait until you’re back home to share photos. Not only will it help you stay safe, but you can also stay more present when you’re not checking for likes and retweets.

Secure Your Home

Before you leave, make sure that your home is safe. Unplug appliances you won’t be using. Lock all doors and windows. If you can, have a friend or neighbor check in on your house while you are away.

You should also put a hold on your mail during the time you are out. You can do this for free through the post office. Identity theft can begin with mail theft, so this is an important safety step.

Bring the Essentials and Keep Them Safe

When you’re packing, keep it simple! Try not to bring valuable items like jewelry and technology unless you really feel you need them. If you do bring something expensive, make sure you keep them locked in a safe while you’re out.

Similarly, make sure that your credit cards, debit cards, passport, driver’s license and other important documents are safe while you travel. Keep them secure when you’re carrying them. You can use a money belt or simply keep them in a safe place rather than your back pocket or in a purse that’s open and accessible.

Streamline your wallet before you leave. Only bring the cards that you need for the trip and make sure to keep them safe.

It’s also a good idea to have copies of your important documents and know the phone numbers you’ll need to report theft of your documents or credit cards, just in case.

Stay safe and have a wonderful vacation!

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