3/3 Right Time Adjustable Rate Mortgage (ARM)

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Benefits of a Suncoast 3/3 Right Time ARM

Benefits of 3/3 Right Time ARM

3/3 Right Time Adjustable Rate Mortgage FAQ

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^Suncoast will contribute up to $3000 towards closing costs (Closing Costs Benefit) when the 3/3 Right Time ARM product is selected for the purchase or refinance of a primary residence. All Sellers paid closing costs will be credited prior to any credits for the Closing Cost Benefit to be provided by Suncoast. If the mortgage is paid in full during the first 24 monthly payments of the loan, borrowers will be required to repay the closing costs benefit to Suncoast for the amount reflected as Lender Credits on the Closing Disclosure. The 24 monthly period begins with the first payment due date of the loan.