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VIDEO: SunMobile Helps When Life Alters Your Plans

Erin Palmer

May 10, 2017

Suncoast Credit Union Mobile Deposit can save you time

Good intentions usually go out the window when the craziness of real life gets in the way. So when you have a to-do list full of errands, of course your toddler will create a “masterpiece” all over your walls. Or your dog will rip apart your throw pillows the morning you’re already running late.

Though your to-do list may have to wait when life alters your plans, at least you can still get your banking done. The SunMobile app lets you bank from anywhere, even at home in your coziest pajamas.

So if you need to deposit a check but you’re stuck at home waiting for a repairman to arrive, you can use the SunMobile app to make a mobile deposit. If you are running straight from the gym to work to the airport to catch a flight, you can set a travel notification from the app to avoid any disruptions while you’re away.

We can’t make your to-do list disappear, but we can make sure that it’s easy to get your banking done, anytime and anywhere!


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